10 april 2017

I heart Stockholm

I had just come home with Mattis after visiting my grandmother and suddenly my phone rings like crazy. I look at the display and I have missed calls and like 10 texts. It is Jakob thats in the other end,  "Where are you?" he said with a kind of panic in his voice. I am at home. "You have to watch the news, a truck has just rammed a bunch of people driving down Drottninggatan and crashed into Åhlens". What?

I am in total chock. Something incomprehensible has happened, in my city!
A man hijacked a truck and raced down the biggest shopping street in Stockholm in high speed and killing 4 people in the progress and injuring 15. A street I walked down so many times I can't count. People running for their life trying to get out of the way of the speeding truck. Then the truck crashed into the entrance of Åhlens, one of the biggest shopping centers in Stockholm, and bursting into flames. A terrorist attack in Stockholm.
I watch in horror on the news and just held Mattis and cried. Why? Why? This is so horrible. Just like Nice, Berlin, London and Syria. Why?

The crazy thing is that I planned to go into town that same day around the time of the attack and shop at Åhlens, but changed my mind because I was to tired. But I can't get out of my head the question, what if I had? What if this crazy person had hit me or our son Mattis? Or what if this person had chose to hit another shopping center called Sturegallerian, where Jakob works. And I had another friend who had been outside of Åhlens just 15 minuets before this happened.
I am just so grateful that I changed my mind and didn't go there that day.

But this terror-attack backfired for the terrorist. The terrorists want to create panic, fear and hate but instead the city came together in love and hope. I am so proud to be from Sweden and Stockholm today! I have lived in this city my whole life and you are messing with the wrong city!
When the city was in panic and the police, who did a wonderful job, closed down the center of the city and many people was stuck and didn't have a way to get home to their families, people opened their own homes and hearts. Instead of hate we all came together.
And yesterday hundreds of people celebrated the victims of this terrible attack on Sergels torg. Hundreds of flowers and candles around the place of the attack. Hundreds of people coming together to mourn.

We are all still in chock after this but we are slowly coming back to normal and we are all standing up to terrorism. Our hearts goes out to the victims and their families. But we will not be afraid, because that means the terror has won and that will never happened!! We will stand strong and we will take care of each other.

If you mess with my city, you are going to get burned. Don't fuck with Stockholm, MY CITY!

I <3 Sockholm!

Much love

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