10 mars 2017

Vintage-fashion for sale!

Hello everyone!

I have really fun news, I have opened my own shop on Etsy! love Etsy and buy many of my vintage-items from there. It is a great platform for selling your stuff.

I am currently selling some of my vintage clothes because they just don't fit anymore. These are some of my absolutely favorite dresses, which makes me soo sad that they don't fit anymore. *crying*
But oh well! What are you going to do?
Maby some of you will be  one of the new owner to some of these wonderful dresses?

So go and check my shop out!

This is some of the items I'm selling:

This super qute pale yellow 1950s sun dress with white lace and embroidery. Buy it here!

This checkered red and white gingham 1940s dress with accent at the waist and collar. Buy it here!

Oh this dress! I absolutely LOVED this dress, it is a dream! Pale mint green eyelet dress fopon the 1950s. Buy it here!

This 1980s does 1940s style moss green dress with golden knot buttons. Buy it here!

This lovely 1950s pale pink sundress with qute spagetti-straps with white lace-details! Buy here!

And much more!  Please check my Etsy-shop out for more wonderful vintage-fashion!

Much love!

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