6 mars 2017

For all vintage and burlesque lovers out there - Your Beauty Mark review

Hello everyone! 

I have been really occupied with baby-stuff lately but here comes another quick book review for all you vintage and burlesque-lovers out there that I really recommend!

Title: Your Beauty Mark
Author: Dita Von Teese with Rose Apodaca
Pages: 387
Released: December 2015
My rating: 4 of 5

I LOVE Dita Von Teese, I mean I adore her! She is one of my many inspirations, I love her sense of style and she is a really good burlesque dancer and  I mean how cool isn't that? So when she came out with this book with all of her biggest beauty secrets, I was ecstatic!

This is a book that should lay displayed on your coffee table because it is just so pretty in itself but also a book to sit down,  with a glass of wine, and browse through the beautiful pictures and informative beauty tips. 
This is a book of Dita Von Tees idea of beauty and glamour and her best tips that she have learned during her years as a celebrity and burlesque-dancer. She talks about everything from hair, makeup, her diet, exercise and being comfortable with yourself, feeling sexy and finding your sense of self and style.
She also gives us a look at hollywood-stars that inspired her and the history of glamour. It is really inspiring and it makes me feel that I want to make my everyday life a little more glamorous with some of her tips. Everyone needs more glamour!

This is however not a book that you would read in one go, it is what I would call a "browse-book". There is just to much information and ideas and I think that to really appreaciate it it would be difficult to read it cover to cover, although I think it is suppose to be a little bit of Ditas memoirs. But I would not read it as I would read a novel.

Overall, I really loved this book! The pictures are beautiful and the tips are really useful, it is an interesting read that I highly recommend!

Much love 

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