18 mars 2017

Amelia Earheart, at your service!

Hello everyone!

So finally today I get to dress up because I´m going to a  birthday and costume-party at my friend Cattis who just had her 25th birthday! The theme is America so I had to find a person/character from the U.S.A that I found interesting.
And you know the aviators hat that I bought at the Stockholm antique-fair? Well now I can finally get a chance to use it, because I´m going as the famous aviator Amelia Earheart!

I absolutely love to dress up, it is so much fun and you can become a completely different person. That is why I am involved in a couple of historic societies, where I drew up in different clothing from different eras. My favorite dress is a green dress that is in the style that they had in the 1860s. It makes me feel like Jane Eyre (or Tant Grön for everyone in Sweden).

Ready for takeoff!

I am waring pants that are vintage from Ralph Lauren, a white vintage blouse I bought at Etsy, vintage scarf from Beyond Retro, brown leather jacket from Oakland and the aviators-hat that I bought at the antique fair. Im just missing some goggles, but there was no time to get a pair. 

Hope you like it!

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