11 februari 2017

Trying again...

Hello everyone!

This is another attempt to write a blog again. I have had other blogs before but I want to reinstate this one again after a longer absence. I have been really bad at blogging and updating, since I had my son I haven't had the time or the energy unfortunately, between no sleep and feedings, but I am really going to try this time to keep on writing.  

Who am I? I am a 25 year old girl that lives with my boyfriend Jakob and our son Mattis, born on november 13th 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden. I study to become kindergarten teacher but are currently on parent leave. 

So what will this blog be about? Well, a little bit of everything I think. 
My love for books, maby some reviews. I must say, I am a little crazy when it comes to books!
 Jakob thinks that I have to many but I think that to be impossible, you can´t have enough books! I dream of owning a house that I can fill with old books. I usually read a couple of them at a time and will absolutely recommend some of my favorites.

I will also write about my vintage dresses, hair, beauty, old stuff that I fill my flat with, my family, wonderful finds from flee markets and second hand stores and other things that interest me. Hopefully you will find this blog interesting and want to read more. 


Much love

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