19 februari 2017

Outfit of the day and the Stockholm antique fair

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to the yearly Stockholm antique fair with one of my best friends Cattis and googled at all the wonderful antique stuff there. It is kind of dangerous for me to go to things like this because iIalways ends up buying something, including this time, and spending more money than I
have. I am always looking for knick-knacks to fill my home with. I would like most of the furniture in my future home but they are so very expensive. 
Oh well! At least  it is fun to walk around and dream about everything.

This is the outfit I wore today at the fair and I can't believe that I was able to squeeze into this skirt. 
Much of my vintage-clothing is till to small after me having my son *sniffle*. I bought the blouse on Etsy.com and the skirt I got at a flee market here in Stockholm. 

 I went with is fabulous lady Cattis, who is one of my best friends from school. She insisted to drive.

I have been looking for this kind of cabinet with glass doors to fill and keep my oldest books. I think this one was really pretty.

There was to and this one had really cool things from the sea, like shells and corals. 

I have also been looking for real champagne coupe-glasses for new years and celebratory occasions. What about these?

I really liked this bike. I would like to bye something like this for Mattis when he gets a little bit older and can ride it. 

Pärlans konfektyr was there as well. They make the most delicious fudge. Yum!

We have also been looking to buy one of these kind old serving- carts to have our old-timer bottles and classes on. I thought this one from the 1930s was really cool but like everything else it was really over my prize-range. 

I think that these boots are really nice and if you like to have a room with a nautical theme, they would be perfect. Or just putting them on a shelf because they are pretty. 

I love this china, I actually collect this perticular china. It is is called Ostindia by Rörstrand and it is the same china that my grandmother has at home. 

There was a lot of vintage-clothing. To bad I could not go through it all, not enough time for that.

And hats! Who doesn't like hats?

Someone was quite happy in the pram because every old lady on the fair seemed  stop to look at him and comment on his cuteness. He got alot of attention, the little charmer. 

I loved these butterflies! They are so pretty! Would have loved to take them both home but alas, I could not afford to bye these. I have a blue butterfly at home in a class-frame but I would like more because I really love looking at them.

I thought this fawn was very qute too. I like taxidermied animals but Jakob thinks they are a little creepy so I don't know if he would allow this in our home. 

We walked by and said hello to Jakob. He was there with work and they had there own booth for their own made jewelry. 

If I ever open my own shop I would like a register like this! Don't know if it is so practical but so cool though. And in my shop I would play old records with Vera Lynn on my old gramophone. 

And this was my finds of the day! I bought a pair of new mittens, because I unfortunately lost mine and this really cool leather aviator/flyers hat. And why I bought that...well if you keep on reading this blog, you will find out ;). 

Much love 

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