14 februari 2017

My first ever book review!

Hello everyone!

I am currently trying to read some of the books of my very long list and have now finished reading with one of the old classics. So here comes my first ever book review!

Title: The last of the Mohicans
Author: Fenimore Cooper
Pages: 252
Released: February 1826
My rating: 2 of 5

During the war between England and France of the control of North America both sides has taken some parts of the mostly untouched country and use the Native Americans as allies.
Cora and Alice Munro, the daughters of Lieutenant Munro, are traveling with Major Duncan Heyward trough the wilderness from Fort Edwards to Fort William Henry, where there father is in command. On the way they are accompanied with a singer, David Gamut and a guide, a native, named Magua. Magua leeds the company through the forest through a shortcut, which he said is made for the British, but is actually to lead them deeper in the forrest. When they discover Maguas, who is a Huron indian, treachery, he flees and the party is left alone in the forrest, not knowing the direction to Fort William Henry. There they are later found by Hawk-eye, a British scout and the two Mohicans Chingachgook and his son Uncas that help them find the way. They are later attacked by the Hurons and capture Duncan, Gamut, Cora and Alice but are later rescued by Hawk-eye and the Mohicans.
The rest of the book describes the party finding there way to Fort William Henry, more attacks between them, the Hurons and the Mohicans, kidnapping of the  two daughters, rescues and the war between the British, France and the indians.

So, Fenimore Coopers The last of the Mohicans is suppose to be one of the classics that many say that you really need to read before you die. I have read in some reviews people comparing it to Daniels Defoes Robinson Crusoe, but alas...it is not.
I really, really wanted to like this book, because it is such a classic, but I actually found it quite dull. Dafoe writes of a man surviving on a dessert island and a lot happens that makes you want to continue reading the book but not much happens in this book. Yes, there is some moments, like the battle at Glenn Falls, that is a little bit exciting but overall I thought that it was a lot of walking and describing of everything in nature that the characters come in contact with. This can be nice but it becomes a little much of the same in this book when nothing much else happens. Maybe I would appreciate this book more if I was American? Because of the description of American history and surroundings?
Also I found the characters stereotypical. I don't know if it is the writing style of the time or just the believes of the time but the description of native Americans is described as "savages" and that the white man as superior. Fenimore Copper might not want the characters seem that way but if you read between the lines it is very obvious. Also the women in this book are described as a little bit dim-witted, constantly kidnapped, afraid and "helpless", which I find annoying. You don't really get a deeper insight of any of the characters wish is to bad, because I think that might have made the book a little more interesting.
I read this book in Swedish and the language in swedish is not to difficult. I am quite use to it because many of my favorite books are difficult to read- classics but I believe that if you read it in the original language, english, It might be difficult for some.

I really, really wanted to like this book, but sadly I found myself disappointed. I know there is  movie, that I haven't seen but I will check it out. Maybe it will be better than the book?

Much love

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